There is something about Double Trouble State park that is magical. Upon our perilous journey through the woods, we were greeted by Dana, the most down to earth forest nymph in all of Double Trouble. She really enjoys having her picture taken. Enjoy part two of the collab!

Make up artist: Cady Grossman
Second Photographer: Stan Stolowski
Forest Nymph: Dana Ricci
Assistant: Laura Tedeschi

Have you checked out part one & part three?
Our new forest nymph friend rocked the camera so great today. As a treat for her hard work, we gave her a good ole pb & j. She LOVES pb & j's.
Thank you Cady, Stan, Laura, and Dana. You made this an amazing experience.


05/15/2013 7:53pm

Awesome work mate! Looks incredible!


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